Someone who thinks only of him or herself will always offend God and man. Life isn’t just about you. Think of others. there are things you shouldn’t do or do in life not because of you, but for the sake of others. Anything we do in life, affect one another in one way or other. don’t live for you, for yourself and for yourself alone. Life is not about you. God would be foolish to create this vast world just for you alone. There are estimated 7,800,000.000 people’s in the world now. And you, one person can’t be more important than the rest over 7,800,000.000 people on earth. Be careful of whatever you do in life. And do whatever you do with the right reason. What goes around comes around. You reap whatever you sow.            

No man has ever made himself strong by beating down others. And the wisdom of a man is not in making a fool show of others. You don’t show your best dress by making the world to see the nakedness of your neighbor. Life isn’t a contest. And success isn’t about been better than others and making them feel less of themselves. No one should be the reason you do whatever you do for yourself. Be an upgrader of men. not a degrader. 

Here is the bottom line.

You came naked, you will go naked.

You arrived weak, you will leave weak.

You came without money and things, you will leave without money money and things.

Your bath someone washed you. Your last bath someone will wash you.

This is life!!

So why do much competition, malice envy, so much resentment, so much unforgivenes, anger, so much fight, so much betrayal, so much selfishness and pride? Why? When all is vanity? 

Think of others. The greatest investment is relationship. The greatest wealth is people. And the greatest achievement is not in buildings, cars, titles, degrees, fame, and position. The greatest achievement is building men says Dr. Myles Munroe.

No matter how educated, talented, rich or good you believe you are, how you treat people tells. all. Integrity. 

Never looked down. The person you looked down today, you may look up to him or her tommorow. The words of Wilson Mizner, Be good to the people on your way up the ladder, because you will meet them on your way down. 

A broken fellowship shouldn’t be a broken relationship. That you no longer walk together shouldn’t make you enemies. Relationship breed fellowship. Fellowship breed love. And love breed unity among brethrens. Get rid of the African spirit. The spirit of pull him down. Be thy brother keeper. And not your brothers killer. Forgive. Apologize. Reach out to that your offended brother, sister, mother, father, friend, and your ex. Reconcile and build up the broken bridge again. 

The journey of life is too short and too long to make enemies. 


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    Thank you for this beautiful piece.

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    Nice write up

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    Nice one

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