the problem of Nigeria is nothing but; Religion Tribalism Ethnicity Sectionalism

Let it be known to you that the problem of Nigeria is nothing but;



  1. Ethnicity


These are the major problems of Nigeria found virtually in every sector. In our schools, in the worship centres, in the market places, in politics. He is a Fulani man, he is from Hausa, he is an Igbo man, he is a Yoruba man, she is from Ijaw, she is from Isoko, he is from Tiv. We are divided and still dividing ourselves through the lines of trabalism and religion. And not until we relate and live with each other as humans created and made by one God as we all called in the Mosques and in the Churches. And not on the lines of tribe and religion, we will never be better than where we are. 

I won’t support you because you are an Ijaw and I am from Ijaw, I will support you because you are right and just. And won’t fight against you because you are from Fulani, I will fight against you when you are not doing the right thing. Just as God is not against the sinner, but the sin. We should learn to live and relate with one another as one people from one source. Humanity is greater ethnicity and tribalism. 

In this great community, Admiralty University, there is no notherner, there is no southerner. There is no Igbo, Ijaw,Yoruba, Tiv, Isoko, Hausa or Fulani. We are all one people from one family, the family of God almighty. Do let us therefore comes together to live together, play,dance eat and study together as one family in this great University educating luminary leaders for a greater and better Nigeria and Africa at large. 

Thank you. One Love, one heart. 

This is King Jerry.

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