If Nigeria must survive it current political and Economic challenges, and continue to exist as one Nation, then the young generation must arise and pull down the high walls of tribalism, sectionalism, ethnicity, religious and regionalism that has divided us apart for over 60 years of our existence as sovereign state. And which is still ravaging this country, bringing it gradually to the dust through the acts of marginalization and Nepotism by this current government, that has runs on the rails of sectional, religious and tribal, religious bigotry in the disparity of political appointments and good governance since 2015 till date, that has brought so many agitations and calls for the disintegration by different groups, especially from the IPOB and the Oduduwa Congress, our collective existence as a nation is in doubt for the next ten years.

Not until Nigerian begin to remove the cloak of religious, tribal, regional and ethnic differences, and sees ourselves as one people that stands and represent one course, Nigeria will never come out of it present quagmire. 

Not until power, positions and political offices are given to those who have character, integrity, qualified and competent, and not on the basis of religion and ethnicity, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo and Ijaw, Urhobo, Itsekiri, Tiv, and Ighala, Christian and Muslim, Nigeria will continue to drown until her life is totally choked out of her. 

Segregation is the mother of separation. Qoute me. 

Don’t tell me he/she is from Urhobo, tell me he/she is the right person. 

Don’t tell me he is my brother from Ijaw, tell me he is the most qualified. 

Don’t tell me he is from North/South, tell me, equality must be served. 

Don’t tell he is from Igbo, tell me, tell me he deserve it. 

As young Nigerians, we must rise and change the system. Because the destiny of this nation rest on our shoulders. If we don’t break ethnicity, ethnicity will tear us apart.

#Olotu Jerry

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