MARRIAGE THE SEEK FOR COMPANIONSHIP. Married or single, you are complete

MARRIAGE THE SEEK FOR COMPANIONSHIP. Married or single, you are complete part 3. 

Is marriage companionship or companionship marriage? 

Everyone need a companion in life?

We need the emotional security of being loved, needed/wanted and the feeling of belongingness. Someone who would give us a patient ear to all our goods and bads. The one who would put forward the shoulder when we feel low. Give us a tight hug in the lonely moments of life. With whom we can share just about anything without the fear of negative perception building.

But why do we still feel lonely even when we have a companion in Life?

 It’s because marriage is not a cure or an escape route to loneliness. Neither does it brings fulfilment and happiness. Loneliness they said is a state of mind and not the absence of someone in your life. 

The word companionship simple means, fellowship, friendship, intimacy, affection and brotherhood. And when these components are lacking in a relationship or marriage, abuse, loneliness and frustration becomes inevitable. 

So before you go into any relationship or marriage, seek for these things in it. Fellowship, intimacy, friendship and affection. If not you would be lonely and frustrated in that relationship. 

Above all, be that lover and best friend to yourself first before you looks for another. Stop looking for someone to love you. No one, except God can love you and be that best friend you desire. Instead be a person someone else’s look for to love. Learn to be your best companion. Just like the Sun☀️. It’s alone in the sky but it never stop it from shinning. Unlike the moon that shines together with the Stars at night. Ladies, guys, when you throw yourself into the hand of a man. You will become a rag in his/her hands. Protect yourself. Don’t lose your value for the need to be loved and be lost in lust. 

Love yourself. Self-love is better than sex-love. 

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