If success is measured on material possessions

If success is measured on the parameters of material possession, the arm robber’s are successful, internet fraudsters are successful, sex workers are successful, ritualist are successful, drug traffickers are successful, kidnappers are successful, assassin’s are successful, political thugs are successful. Even Husppupi is successful. What then is the gain of living a just and upright life?

  Success is not on whatever you have but on who you are, what you stands for, what you represent and what you live for. The question is, who are you? What do you stands for? What do you represent? And what do you live for? You have a car, the fraudster have a better car, what distinguish from the internet fraudters? You have a house, the ritualist have a better house, what is the difference between you and the ritualist?

  You are educated, the kidnappers are also educated, what makes you different? Righteousness, character and integrity stands above all. A good name is better than Silver and Gold. Beware of coveteousness, for a man’s consist not on the abundance of things he owns says the holy book.Success is who you are. And who you are is not on what you have or what you are. Who are you?

  You title is not who you are. You profession is not who you are. Your position is not who you are. You are an engineer, that’s is a profession not an identity. You are a Doctor, that’s is a profession not who you are. Remove you professional title, remove your position, remove your educational title, remove them, then WHO ARE YOU?

  Inspirited by “SUCESS IS WHO YOU ARE” by Sam Adeyeme This is King Jerry.Made for impact.

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