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There is a law of divine oneness. Which highlight the interconnectedness of all things. That everything in this world came from one such, and all things in one way or the other are connected to each other. That whatever we do negatively or positively affect one another. 

It says that beyond our senses, every thought, action, and event is in some way connected to anything and everything else.

The great Indian poet and philosopher, Rabindranath Tagore says and i qoute, that Relationship is the fundamental truth of this world of appearance.

He says, “the miracle of creation did not stop here in this isolated speck of life launched on a lonely voyage to the Unknown. A multitude of cells were bound together into a larger unit, not through aggregation but through a marvelous quality of complex inter-relationship maintaining a perfect co-ordination of functions. This is the creative principle of unity, the divine mystery of existence, that baffles all analysis. The larger cooperative units could adequately pay for a greater freedom of self-expression, and they began to form and develop in their bodies new organs of power, new instruments of efficiency. This was the march of evolution ever unfolding the potentialities of life” End of qoute.

The leather binding and title-page are parts of the book itself; and this world that we perceive through our senses and mind and life’s experience is profoundly one with ourselves.

What is the point? Life is all about oneness. It is all about relationship. We were never created to live in Isolation. But to live together as one. And that’s what breed humanity. The universal oneness. 

Relationships are like bridges that connect us even till eternity. It is through the process of consciously building bridges of connection, compassion, love, kindness, and support first within ourselves, then extending them to others which have the power to transform the planet we live on. And one of the best places to build such bridges is the school environment. 

The school environment is not just to study and make the best results. It is also to make the best relationships. A good result without a good relationship will end up in a good locker. A first-class without nice relationships will end without a class. How far you will go in life after your best performance in school is determine by the bridges you build. So build good bridges. 

The academe or academic sphere is not a place to compete, bad-mouth, throwdown, betray and summount one another to be best. Howbeit our institutions has made it to be so. Which is an erro. It is a place for fellowship to promote coexistence, to build and strengthen the link between people from different tribes, ethics group, culture and religion through the law of relativity. 

The question, what can of bridges have been building for yourself for the last two three year in Adun? You have heard many relationships. Or have known many people. But how many of these people can still talk to you on phone, invite you to their house, give you a warm welcome and have nice time together when you meet in the airport, in a conference or in a company after these four years in the University? What can of bridges have you created for yourself? The worst thing you can do to yourself while in school is to abuse, used, and despise someone because of his/her academic performance. The world is a little box with a lot of mysteries. The passout or third-class you mock today and despise could be your employer or the chairman of the panel of interview. The world is not run by First-class holders. The world is run by ideas holders. 

Build bridges. Mend fences. You don’t know who you will meet tommorow. It could be that your roommate. That you course mate, your lecturer, your VC, that your boyfriend or girlfriend that you never get along. Relationship is Paramount in life. Our life’s revolves around it. That’s why if you abuse relationship, you abuse yourself. No man is an Island they said. And a tree doesn’t make a forest. We all need each other irrespective of our differences. And we must all come together and live as one family without sentiment. 

Forgive and learn. Let go and let in. A broken fellowship shouldn’t be a broken relationship. 

Lucky dube says, Don’t break that bridge. Cos you will want to cross it someday. Your worst enemy today could be your best friend tommorow. Do unto others for what you want them do unto you. For this is the Golden rule.

Bob Marley says, who has hurt mindkind just to save his own? No one. We are all imperfect humans making mistakes everyday. The beauty of the society is, people coming together as one irrespective of their diffrences and the walls that seem to separate them apart. 

I end with the song of Bob Nelson Marley. 

One love. One heart. Let’s get together and feel alright. 

King Jerry.

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